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Little Big Town… Day Drinking

Who’s coming over for some drinks and grilled food????

Let’s go enjoy the sunshine!







Not something to aspire to, pals

I completely disagree.
Any girl can look nice in a dress and makeup. A girl who can rock jeans, a tee, and messy hair
& still look sexy as sin..pretty fucking awesome.
Also, I have had to wear heels and skirts every day for the past 10 years and there is nothing better than going out for the night in jeans and a tee..I still manage to turn a head or two ;)


I’ll take the ‘jeans and tee’ woman any day without hesitation.

What man can resist a woman in his own tshirt?


Oh hi

so overwhelmed
kissing is not enough
a bite is all that will satisfy
a mere moment of satisfaction
the bites will grow in frequency
they shall grow in intensity
bite me, scratch me, mark me
so the morning mirror reminds me
of how I made you feel tonight

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