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I was tagged by malehealthfitnesshockey (thanks man!).  This was my Labor Day meal.  Tried out a rib recipe from Bon Appetite’s The Grilling Book.  It’s the first time I baked ribs before putting them on the grill.  Never again.  My family almost disowned me. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious.  They just lacked the…ummmm…heart of real BBQ.   They were so tender I couldn’t cut them properly.   I can’t suggest this book for people who have their BBQ technique down.  Though, the recipes aren’t shabby.

Spicy slaw and twice baked sweet potatoes (Joy of Cooking) made their appearance and were a hit.  I finally had a chance to use my infused dragon pepper (from the garden) vinegar with the slaw.  The sweet potatoes gave me the opportunity to use my food mill to make breadcrumbs…best thing ever. 

Once again, I suck at tagging folks. So if you haven’t been tagged to post the last pic on your phone consider yourself tagged.

Feel free to send out an invitation * hint, hint* the next time you serve up this delicious looking meal! Yum!!!

Need a shoulder massage like you wouldn’t believe!!!

Time for a workout. Then pancakes!!!

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